Isn’t it time for something new?

Burgers, pizza, french fries, subs, ice cream and donuts …

this is the Canadian franchise quick-service food landscape.

Kiwi Kraze is about freshness. Kiwi Kraze is about delicious.

Kiwi Kraze is about healthy.

Aren’t these words that should be part of your lifestyle every day?

Isn’t it what you would want to feed to your family in a perfect world?

Of course it is. And so would we. So, in a way, Kiwi Kraze is also about change.

We want to help you change your life by becoming a Kiwi Kraze franchisee. Please take a moment to read the information below so you can get to know us better.

Fresh, Delicious and Healthy

Our yogurt is an all-Canadian proprietary blend, and is fat free, with many sugar-free options as well. And of the more than 75 toppings available for a customer to make their yogurt truly their own, over half are fresh fruits and other natural ingredients. Today’s savvy consumer knows all about the probiotic benefits of yogurt. Wouldn’t it feel good to know your customers are feeling good about what they’re eating?

While our incredible variety of toppings is obviously something we’re proud of, none of it matters if the yogurt is not absolutely delicious. Quite simply, we think Kiwi Kraze offers the best frozen yogurt on the market. Our customers have told us many times that it tastes like ice cream, but they can indulge with a clear conscience since it’s fat free!

Our proprietary blends and top-of-the-line equipment, combined with an endless number of flavour combinations with our rotating roster of yogurts and toppings makes every visit to Kiwi Kraze a new experience! All of our yogurt is from all-Canadian dairies, ensuring freshness and quality in every cup.


Today’s consumers want something that is personal—self-serve frozen yogurt offers the most individualized food experience in the industry. Healthy? Our yogurt is all fat-free, and we also have many sugar-free and kosher options, so you can eat a delicious Kiwi Kraze frozen yogurt without worry—no grease or deep-fryers here!

Our customers also love that they’re not tied to small, medium, or large. They can fill their cup with absolutely whatever they want, as much of it as they are hungry for, and all for one low price per ounce. Isn’t that a smarter way to keep a customer happy, by letting them get precisely want they want, no more and no less?

A Kiwi Kraze franchise can also change your life. We have engaged a team of professionals to assist you with every aspect of opening your own location. Compared to many other food service franchises, a Kiwi Kraze restaurant offers a low initial investment and above-average returns on that investment. No slaving in a hot kitchen, no grills to clean—in fact, no food preparation at all!—and the entire operation can be run with a minimum of staff and overhead costs. We focus on healthy and fun, in a family-friendly environment, and our 96% rating on tells us that customers love the product and the experience. As well, we are very active in social media, fundraising efforts for local organizations, and work hard to be a beloved member of every community that we are in.

Doesn’t that sound like the kind of change you would want to make for you and your career?

With strong partnerships with our franchisees, we want to spread the benefits of Kiwi Kraze to every community in Canada. Email us or call 1-855-701-KIWI (5494) to let us tell you more about Canada’s freshest franchise—we can’t wait to meet you!